Villefranche sur Mer is a town ideally located between Nice and Monaco. This city is one of the most beautiful of the Riviera with its panorama and its colorful buildings. The Villefranche bay is one of the deepest bays, she hosts a great diversity flona appreciated by very large freedivers.
The bay of Villefranche hosts also large cruise ships which come to spend a part of their medditerranean cruise.

You will find in Villefranche sur mer restaurants with stunning views of the harbor, you can enjoy seafood and traditional dishes.

Accessible by train, the train station is located at 2 steps from the beach and from our office.
Finally, you will discover in Villefranche sur mer a historic city: the Saint Pierre chapel decorated by the artist Jean Cocteau is a small unspoilt wonder, the citadel of the city recalling the historical past of Villefranche gives you a breathtaking panorama of the bay.